Phichai Phuechmongkol
Mr. Pichai Phuechmongkol
pichaip [at]
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+66 2 680 9755

Position: Advisory Board Member and Senior Tax Advisor

Educational Qualifications:
LL.B. Ramkhamhaeng University
Thai Bar Association

Professional Memberships:
Member of Lawyers Council of Thailand;
Ordinary Member of Thai Bar Association;

Languages: Thai, English

Practice Areas: Taxation, Public & Administrative, New Media & Information Technology, Corporate & Commercial.

Work Experience:
Khun Pichai is the President of Dharmniti Law Office, he was appointed to the board of directors of the firm in 1990. He has also been a director on the board of Dharmniti Public Company Limited (the parent company) since 1984. He has been with the firm for over 28 years and has extensive knowledge and experience across several legal practice areas mainly taxation, Public & Administrative New Media & Information Technology.