Dharmiti Law Office is able to provide its clients with comprehensive legal advice and assistance in this practice area.

Given that our firm has operated in Thailand for over 65 years we have considerable experience in the processes involved in establishing & registering limited companies, public limited companies and partnerships. Moreover, our highly trained legal staff are able to provide the following commercial/corporate legal services:

  • Registration (incorporation) of partnerships, limited companies and public companies in Thailand
  • Board of Investment applications;
  • Factory/ Industrial license applications;
  • Dissolution and liquidation;
  • Formation of partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Value Added Tax Registration;
  • Applications for work permits, visas, extensions and renewals of both;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Conducting due diligence studies.
  • Drafting and interpreting of all manner of contracts and agreements;
  • Retaining systems for clients concerned with trading, industry and Finance;
  • Promulgation of regulations pertaining to employers’ compensation funds and other labor matters.