Thai BOI board expand investment promotion to cover 6 new industries

On Mar 4,2009, Mr. Aphsit Vejjajiva,Prime Minister,chairman
of the Board of Investment (BOI) today announced the resolutions to promote 6 new  industries with
the special measures .

Those industries consist of the advanced technology industry,expand to cover production of telecommunication equipments and electronic’s parts, the large investment projects expand to cover production of
train,electric train or parts of such train (only the rail system),production of steel pipe or rust-free pipe,reinforced concrete products for infrastructure project etc.

For the industry groups that use agricultural products as raw
materials and use high technology,expand to cover production of medical food and vehicle’s rubber-tyre.

The 6 new industries,under
special measures investment promotion,may situate anywhere in thailand,except Bangkok. The privileges include duty-free  to all imported equipments,8
years exemption of corporate income tax and 50% reduction of  the corporate
income tax for net profit from investments,up to 5 years,after the corporate income tax
exemption period expire.

In addition, the BOI board also approved to extend another 5 years until December 31,2014  of  the investment promotion privilege for the investment in the industrial estate in District 2,the Laem
Chabang Industrial estate and Rayong province Industrial estate to encourage investment in
economics-crisis period and also the long term investment .

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