Picture of Mr. Pradit Premyothin

Pradit Premyothin

Founded in 1947 by Mr. Pradit Premyothin, Dharmniti Law Office (DLO) has become one of the most well-respected law offices in Thailand providing quality legal services for both local and international clients.

Prior to Mr. Premyothin’s death in 1977, he directed that the practice continue under the name of "Dharmniti" (the Thai word for law with integrity) maintaining the spirit with which the firm was founded.

Picture of Mr. Buth Khandhawit

Buth Khandhawit

In 1978, under the guidance of Mr. Buth Khandhawit, a former Supreme Court Judge, DLO became a limited company and embarked upon a program of expansion to more adequately meet the requirements of its clients.

DLO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dharmniti PLC, a publicly listed company that comprises several leading professional companies in Thailand providing a wide array of professional services including accounting, auditing, seminars, training, information technology and publishing. The vast resources of these affiliated companies significantly enhance the quality of DLO’s legal services.

Today, DLO has over 85 staff including over 55 talented lawyers and is able to provide a full range of legal services.

Chronology of Dharmniti Law Office

1947 - Founding of the Firm;

1978 - Company structure changed to a limited company;

2013 - Today the Firm has over 85 staff including 55 attorneys;